Have you ever been restless because of an unresolved situation in your life? What happens when you try to fix the problem without accepting the reality of it first? When I’m faced with problematic situations that cause me anxiety or fear, my gut impulse is to fix it as soon as possible. I want to say I’m sorry, buy a new one, talk it to

Why You Should Tell Your Story


Last week I stepped out big time into the unknown territory called Honesty. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t perfect. In fact, it may have even rattled a few cages. All in all, it was one of the most daring things I’ve attempted thus far in my writing. I told my story…in public. Well, at least part of it. Where I Am From was not

Its The Only Story I Have To Tell


If you’ve been reading my blog for a few weeks now, you probably know that I recently attended a life changing creative conference in Franklin, Tennessee. The first speaker was writer, Allison Vesterfelt. Ally’s talk at #tribeconf utterly destroyed me. CRYING IN PUBLIC Initially, I had no expectations about what this weekend would be like. There was no vision playing out in my head. So