What You Don’t Know About Procrastinators and How To Stop Being One


“Procrastination station.” That’s what I say to myself when I know I’m in avoidance mode. The train has pulled into the station. For as long as I can remember I have been a procrastinator. I even waited until the final hour to write this. In my gut I knew that although PBS’s documentary on the engineering required to move a 45 thousand ton cruise ship

Flower Berry Popsicle


I love flowers! I love to get them, I love to give them, and I always try to keep fresh flowers in my house. But when I think about flowers I never think about eating them until recently. I saw edible flowers mentioned on a blog and really became fascinated with the health benefits.  I have eaten lavender and even rose but I’ve never had

How to shop for vintage clothing


Thrift store shopping has gone from an underground trend to a full-blown high fashion, staple resource. In fact, I rarely buy anything new these days. The obvious items such as underwear, certain pairs of shoes, and pajamas I only purchase new. But by in large, everything I wear is purchased second hand from consignment or from a thrift store. I’ve been thrift store shopping since